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Guarantee your credit with external loan insurance at Bank

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By applying for a bank loan to finance real estate, the  bank offers you to subscribe to a bank loan insurance to insure your loved ones as well as your real estate assets: ” group insurance contract ” You certainly know it but today , with the law lagard device you can freely choose your loan insurance offer and thus lower the cost of your mortgage loan .

Loan  insurance

The  French banking network that was created in 1859. It consists of 6 regional banks in France and one that is based in Luxembourg. In 1998, became the majority shareholder, making it the second-largest retail bank in France. Leader of bancassurance in France, it is active in all banking professions and has more than 13 million customers.

Compare the bank loan insurance rates and the individual loan insurance offer with the credit insurance comparison tool

Discover all the solutions to ensure a bank loan according to your borrower profile with an external loan guarantee:

Freely choose a loan insurance

Implemented on September 1, 2010, the Lagarde law gives you the right to subscribe to your borrower insurance outside the lending institution. By taking out your insurance with the insurer of your choice, you can benefit from the cheapest and most adapted to your situation.

Make a comparison of loan insurance

Make a comparison of loan insurance

The online insurance comparator loan allows you to compete with insurers to find the offer that will present the best price and guarantees that best fit your situation.

Optimize your mortgage with a broker specializing in loan insurance! The broker www.Bertie can present you with the most advantageous insurance offers on the market and / or negotiate your loan insurance CIC.

You can negotiate loan insurance with your banker to save on your mortgage insurance?

You can negotiate loan insurance with your banker to save on your mortgage insurance?

The insurance broker-loan-not-expensive allows you to calculate the rate of your borrower guarantee using our credit insurance online credit rating tool to compare the contracts of major insurance companies.

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